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About: GSG wants to shout out the San Diego’s finest heroes: the Covid-19 Front-liners.

We want you to shout out and honor the front-liners that are close to you and those that have been working so hard to keep us all safe.

Where can we see our heroes?

· We plan to acknowledge these heroes by mentioning 3-5 font-liners on our digital platforms (GSG story page, daily) and mentioned on 91 X/Danielle’s Morning Show, each day.

Here’s who and what we are looking for:

  • Any healthcare workers, grocery store workers, cannabis industry workers, Pharmacist, city transportation employees, or any essential workers.
  • All candidates must be local (San Diego)
  • All nominated font-liners will be recognized on the GSG instagram story page

To Nominate:

Please submit the following information below….

  1. First and Last Name of essential worker
  2. Instagram Handle
  3. Profession
  4. Photo
  5. A brief explanation of why you are nominating them

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1-844-420-BEST

Is that it? NO!

Furthermore, each candidate will be entered into a drawing and on 4/30 we will randomly pick three Front-liners to win 20% off (of their purchases) for an entire year!

That’s it!

So, let’s celebrate and give our love and support to our local heroes!

We are all in this together!

Golden State Greens

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